Create with the spirit •  work with innovation!

  • Communication

    through Photography,

    Design & Multimedia

    a global Strategy

    Namaste, Bonjour & Welcome to LOTUS INNOVATION • PARIS

    We speak many languages as the world constantly changes its way of expressing. A language is a culture and to communicate we innovate for you in this environment.

    Food Design : Marc Bretillot & Eric Trochon (MOF)

    Don't just run a Business. Innovate. Start a revolution.

    Let there be Light

    Hope isn't a strategy, but it is an awfully good tactic!

  • Sensorial Vision


  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    In the garden at la grange de rochefort

    Paris Summer Showers

    Cameras are an extension of a vision


    Logo to Multimedia


    An image of your company

    A dot, a swoosh or a droplet. Your logo is the essence of your company, your products and your brand.

    Product Packaging

    Your company's face to the clients

    Do you belong in the universe the client lives in? Do your products enhance their Lifestyle? The packaging creates the 'tribe' you are looking for...

    Advertising Photography

    To the point every time

    Create the desire your clients are living for. A sensorial approach goes long way even with the simplest of products. Keep it natural keep it rich!

    A web site

    An online Brochure

    Say what you have to share. In your own style. You share your philosophy in a marketing strategy that reasches out to millions directly from your home base. No filters no Noise!

  • MULTIMEDIA : Une communication non linear

    The ingredients are carefully weighed in. The rccipe is only a guideline.

    The magic is the emotion!





    The Vision

    Not just a symbol.

    Your Vision. Your Knowing

    Your history, your past, your existence. Can you take your company up that path? Do you have the confidence to bring in the teams. Drive the figures? Move that market?

    The Strategy

    Where do you go from here?

    Doors shut, windows clamped down, empty streets of desolation. Where do you take your company and your products from here? Innovation is a strategy today!

    The Talent

    Potential, Talent, Drive...Creativity

    You have the potential. You have the Talent. Do you have the Drive to push forward? Every day, every year...every Hour? Learn, explore & transform. Be creative!

    The Sharing

    Small Secrets. Extra large Sharing

    What is yours today belonged to somebody else yesterday and will be shared by others tomorrow. Spread the Knowing with Innovation!


    Some entrpreneurs take the wheel in style. Others watch the shores go by...


    Dry docks are time to restore. Faith!

    Do not wait for the tide to come in. Charge up the cargo. Take the essentials. Build for the storm. Only you can work that magic recipe.


    Solutions are everywhere

    Where every dot is a light every strand is a path to success. Every colour is a sensorial guideline. Comprehend. Adapt. Innovate.


    Follow that horizon

    You can follow or you can be the leader. The choice is yours. Change today and follow through to success. The Secret is yours!

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